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Frequently Asked Questions


We know we cannot answer all your questions on one page, so if you still have questions or want clarification feel free to contact us.  






Where do we haul?

We haul in the Northwest states plus Canada.  Those states include Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Washington, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, and Organ.  





What are the schedules we run?

For our oil field employees we run a two week on two week off schedule.  For all other employees we are generally Monday through Friday with the occasional Saturday when needed.  





What are the sleeping arrangements, and do drivers share trucks?

All of our trucks are sleepers, therefore our drivers live out of the trucks while they are on shift.  We do want to keep our trucks running so our drivers do share trucks when they are off duty.





What rates do the oil field drivers make and how are they paid?

We pay everyone weekly.  We pay our oil field drivers based on a percentage rates.  The rates are based on a mileage scale.  We then take the rate per miles and times that by how many barrels hauled.  The longer you work for us the higher percentage you will receive.     




Do Owner Operators receive fuel cards?

No we don’t offer fuel cards to owner operators.  

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